"I'm a sock." - Agent Alaska the Suave Gentleman when he first joined the wiki.

"What gender am I again?" - ThunderbladeX

"Banette solos RWBY." - ThunderbladeX before he realized that the RWBY gods existed.

"Oh there'll be licking alright"-Agent Alaska The Suave Gentleman talking to Thunder about Lemons

"These quotes are shit" -GA

"You just fuckin' noticed that?" - ThunderbladeX to GA

"Going with GA, also Arceus soloes"-Lion

"Just because the Touhou characters are anime girls doesn't mean they're equal in strength to a pet dog. That's my last words." - SR

"An anime girl can be omnipotent and a character that looks godlike can be equal in strength to a pet dog." - SR

"I forgot why I even existed"- Breeky

"Is she legal?" - Rexe talking about Lion's sister

"MMMMMMMMMMM I like corn" - Breeky

" " - Basically everyone on Chat

"Goblins are my spirit animal" - Breeky

"AT NIGHT I THINK OF YOU AND THEN SHIT MY PANTS" -Christian about how scary Char is

"Damn straight." - Char to Chris

"YOu know what turns me on? Milfs, jailbait, switches, and a milf and jailbait playing the nintendo switch." -Char talking about what turns him on

"Serena is manufactured and bi" -Char speaking the truth

"I like Turtles. I'm gonna talk about why I like Turtles"-GoldenSans being alone on Chat

"SCREW 'EM UP, MIDNA"-GoldenSans before he started cursing

"(Robbie) Vs. (MK)-GoldenSans leaking future Maxevil fights