Tier! Ben

One of the many pieces of stolen art used to represent Tier's Ben Tennyson OCs. This one in particular is literally the first thing found when looking up 'Ben Tennyson Fanart' on Google Images.


Tier's Many Bens is a reference to the many Ben Tennyson OCs of Tier. They all existed in other fiction universes, and used stolen art. After Tier's ban, all of their OCs were passed on to Warpy, including the Bens, but they were deleted after a while.


  • Name: Tier's Ben Tennyson OCs
  • Also Known As: Tier! Ben, RWBY! Ben, Overwatch! Ben, KLK! Ben, AGK! Ben, Ben Fall, etc.
  • Uses: Painful memories

Use 1: Painful Memories

The memories of Tier are a touchy subject on the DBFW, and their cringy OCs are even more so. Most of the Ben OCs had no battles, so they were quickly deleted with Warp's permission. Many people jokingly bring up Tier's Bens, but there's usually wincing done each time.