Take that back man was a memorable quote from user A1M2O34UR.


  • Name: Take that back man
  • Also Known As: At least I MADE the page
  • Use: Copy/pasted in chat, spammed on page, used mockingly

Origin and Use

On August 13th, 2016, A1M2O34UR made a page for Death Battle Fanon Music. Many claimed that this page was utterly unnecessary, and confronted him about it. To the remarks about the page's uselessness, A1M2O34UR replied with "Take that back man", or "At least I MADE the page". These quotes quickly became popular, and were quickly spammed in the comments of the page and in chat. When the shitposts and drama reached their peak, the page itself was renamed to "Take that back man".


  • Many would consider this meme stillborn; it died soon after it was born.
  • Dio the Ludicolo was the one responsible for renaming the page.