The Lore of Heaven Ascension Speedwagon

Heaven Ascension Speedwagon began life as an occasional one off joke mentioned whenever the character Speedwagon from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was mentioned, Agent Alaska The Suave Gentleman seems to be unnaturally amused by the idea of an 'Over Heaven' Version of the otherwise normally timid and fairly physically unimpressive Speedwagon suddenly transforming into a near immortal, all powerful deity. In the alternative universe version of Eyes of Heaven that spawned the idea it was Speedwagon not Jotaro who defeated Heaven Ascension DIO, Speedwagon then proceeded to absorb all of the power that Heaven Ascension DIO had obtained but uses it to rule as a benevolent deity that protects the Joestar bloodline, as such he does not interfere in mortal affairs unless they directly affect or threaten the Joestar lineage.

Alongside the likes of 7 Grand Dad- Deity of Chaos, Robbie Rotten- Deity of Trickery, Waluigi- Deity of Sportsmanship, Lanky Kong- Dark Lord of Torment and Leo Luster- Deity of Love, Heaven Ascension Speedwagon- Deity of Virtue, Protection, Honour and Victory, looks after and guards the mortal realms

The Uses of Heaven Ascension Speedwagon

Speedwagon Over Heaven is typically used by Agent Alaska The Suave Gentleman as an example of a character that 'solos' fiction, there is already a long running joke on DBFW itself that Speedwagon is more powerful than GER Giorno, MIH Pucci, KQ:BTD Kira, Valentine with D4C: Love Train, Diavolo with King Crimson, Star Platinum: The World Over Heaven Jotaro and DIO: The World Over Heaven combined. Yet somehow Speedwagon Over Heaven surpasses even his mortal form in terms of power, whilst very clearly meant to be a joke the idea of Speedwagon Over Heaven has actually spread to other portions of the internet.

Speedwagon Over Heaven's Stand and Abilities

Whilst Regular Speedwagon does not possess any known Superhuman Abilities such as a Stand or the ability to use Hamon, Speedwagon Over Heaven does indeed posses a Stand of his own as well as the Stand powers of the Joestar bloodline and The World.

Heaven Ascension Speedwagon's Stand

Ridin' the Storm Out: Over Heaven allows Speedwagon to control and manipulate the atmosphere, gravity and weather much like Heavy Weather or Weather Report but on a Planet wide scale. Although thankfully HA Speedwagon very rarely interferes in mortal affairs.

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