welcome to memehell


  • Be respectful to other users, even when messing with them on a Fanon episode or shit, and yes, this wiki is about writing retarded fanons about DBF Users, with memes.
  • No Death Threats or insulting other users.
  • This isn't THE Death Battle Fanon Wiki, it's a memehell derived from it, so no Fanon DBs here, just hellish corruptions of our users, memes, etc.

Chat Guidelines


  • Insulting other users
  • Slander
  • Racist Jokes
  • Spam

2-Hrs Ban

  • 3 Kickworthy Offenses

1-Day Ban

  • Suicide Jokes

3-Day Ban

  • Any following consecutive kickworthy offenses
  • Or Day Ban Offenses for that matter

1-2 Week Bans

  • Unstoppable Ranting
  • Other previous offenses continued

1-Month Ban

Continuing arguments outside from the Chat

  • Continuing with previous offenses

3-Month Ban

  • Repeats of previous offenses after previous ban lengths


  • Death Threats