Pikart! Claus is a relatively obscure meme that started and ended near the fall of 2015. Pikart! Claus made his only debute in the original Mega Man vs Claus, a 976 word fight that was made by Pikart767, which had Claus win via being Stronger and Faster than Mega Man.

While it could normally be considered a extremely wrong fight, considering that Mega Man at that time was considered MFTL and Planet, while Claus was much weaker than that. However, not only did the original have no evidence to back up these claims, and somewhat replied on game mechanics. The biggest reason why it became a joke was by such claims in the result as:

"While Mega Man has been able to dodge attacks from robots that can stop time and move very fast, Claus's attacks are much faster and deadlier than those two." Infinite Speed Claus via being faster than time.


"Plus due to the Shield Claus has could take some of Mega Man's close range attacks, meaning that he could take usually strong moves like the Mega Kick and Top Spin like it's just another bash from Kumatara with regular gloves." In other words, any physical attack is useless against Claus' shield.

Despite these, Pikart! Claus is commonly referred to one of the weakest wanked characters, and often one of the most obscure, and is only brought up from time to time in some short lived conversations.

Pikart! Claus only existed for about 2 months, before being the entire fight being redone. This fight corrected things, and made it much longer and overall better.

While Pikart! Claus might be gone now, his short lived legacy still lives.

The Original Mega Man vs Claus

Pikart! Claus' Page on the Joke Battles Wiki

Ripperonis Pikart! Claus, you likely won't be remember by many, but you will be remembered by those who read the original fight before it was updated.