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Oi (Also known as B O Y D O I L I K E S A Y I N G O I) is a phrase used by Breeky. He usually says it right way when he logs in to chat. It as been used in many different ways by user such as O I or iO for example. And every so often if a user says it more than Breeky wishes, he says "How dare you ruin my legacy".


Nicknames/other uses: Oi, O I, iO and B O Y D O I L I K E S A Y I N G O I

Uses: a Greeting


When the user Breeky joined the Chat one day he istannly said "Hoi" A greeting used by the species Temmie in Undertale. It was what Breeky stuck with until one fateful day he forgot the "H" and said "Oi". He stuck with the phrase as it seemed to be more to his liking.


  • The user Ytmc also uses this phrase four times in a row when PMing 5555thExplosionMage.
  • Oi is known to be Breeky's pick up line (literally)