Megumin is a character that is often used as an emoticon by 5555thExplosionMage. Megumin's Death Battles usually has her against someone that has at least 1-3 connections which are among the lowest.

Background Edit

Name: Megumin

Also known as: Smugumin, Miss Galaxy Note 7, Mage Waifu, Bad Waifu, One Explosion Girl

Uses: Smug Emoticon Substitute, Representing 5555thExplosionMage, Fanon Death Battle Combatant, Target of Hatred, Extreme Wankage

Origin and Use


Megumin is a character from "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo!" (dubbed "KONOSUBA" by fans. English: "God's Blessing to This Wonderful World!"). Megumin was introduced to the wiki sometime in March of 2016 as 5555thExplosionMage's avatar.

Megumin has quite the history with wiki memes. Originally Megumin started as a joke character that FedoraLordPara348 and 5555thExplosionMage said could beat anything with one explosion. The two pushed her to mountain level but she was then nerfed to town level.

Megumin memes were quiet, occasionally showing up in 5555thExplosionMage memes representing the player until around September of 2016 when it became a meme to hate on Megumin. Megumin and KONOSUBA were constantly said to be trash on the wiki with the anime often being compared to Sword Art Online.

However, sometime in November of 2016 the memes went quiet and Megumin received an emote in the chat that is used exclusively by 5555thExplosionMage dubbed "Smugumin".

Use 1: Wankage

This is mostly done in the chat where a person would say that Megumin would one shot the opponent with an explosion. This is usually done by FedoraLordPara348 but 5555thExplosionMage joins in on it every once in awhile. With FedoraLordPara348 leaving the wiki this part of the meme has died.

Use 2: Emoticon

The Megumin emoticon is triggered by typing into the chat (smugumin) or (megumin). This is usually used by 5555thExplosionMage to replace Smugtama.

Use 3: Representing 5555thExplosionMage

5555thExplosionMage is represented in pretty much everything by a Megumin with cat ears and a tail with a bow on it. This has lead to people referring the user as "Megumin-sama" or "Explosion-sama".

Use 4: Target of Hatred

Megumin is given close to the same treatement as Kirito by many users. This has gone to the point that it's a meme to just bash on the character and those who like them. Of course this part of the meme has died.

Use 5: Bad Match-Ups

Megumin is often put in match-ups where she obviously wins or obviously loses. Usually these matches use "red" and "explosions" as the connections.



  • Megumin had an emote before Smugumin. It was added to the chat sometime in July of 2016 but it was removed sometime in October of 2016.
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