JonTron is a YouTuber who lives in New York and Reviews Video Games. He is usually used for questioning things with his countless clips of him reacting to stuff he reviews.


Name: JonTron.

Also known as: JanTran, reaction gif, Jon, ECH, Christianthepupbot's waifu.

Uses: Reaction gifs, Representing Chris.

Origin and Use


In 2010, a man named Jon Jafari started an Internet Show on YouTube call "JonTron Show" based on The Angry Video Game Nerd. The show was about Jon reviewing absurd and bad video games and movies.

Use 1: Reactions

The JonTron Show is best known for the reactions JonTron gives when something weird or random happens. These clips were used around the internet to show opinions about bad logic and questionable antics. Becoming a meme. They became something called a Forum Weapon, used to portray an emotion. Examples include "I ANNNNN'T HAVEN' THAT SHIT!" From his review of Nightshade. "WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK!?!" From his review of Anti-Drug games, and "STOP!" From his Goosebumps review. The Death Battle Fanon also used these for reacting to bad fights, plot holes, ETC. He's the most used Forum Weapon. These died down as the admins advised not to use them to mock the user's work for no reason.

Use 2: Christianthepupbot

JonTron's much, much, muuuuuuuuuch less common use is to represent User "Christianthepupbot". Christian is best known for using JonTron a little too much. Christian joined in Feburary of 2016 and dubs his early months on this wiki "Cringy and horrible". He doesn't like his younger self that much. Around March he decided to get a profile pic. Unlike most, Chris has never changed his profile pic to something that wasn't JonTron. He's persona is even JonTron with Joker's body, or "JokerTron" This has created the meme of Christian being a JonTron Overuser. With user "Galatic Attorney" Even saying to Christian "Why is your girlfriend a neckbearded internet personilty?" When Chris was trying to roast him.


  • JonTron is now an official combatant on the wiki. With his greatest feat being when he flew to the sun.