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HORN RAY!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!11!11!!!1!!111!!!

Jimmy Rex is an OC that was created by Quauntonaut it became a meme by their own existence.

Jimmy Rex was created originally for Fictional OC Fights which was started sometime in July of 2016 by the channel LeopoldtheBrave. Jimmy Rex is a T-Rex who ate a "tiny dinosaur" with nuclear energy stored within. This nuclear energy gave Jimmy Rex "powers" which he proceeded to not use very much. These powers pulled Jimmy Rex into some wacky adventures having him face off against weird and random foes.

Jimmy Rex was given tons of weird abilities such as earthquakes that can destroy universes and the all powerful "HORN RAY!" which he used for fighting and hunting.

The meme gained ground originally on the Fictional Fights community, being reccomended for almost every match-up, usually by Dio the Ludicolo or Quauntonaut himself. Jimmy Rex was eventually moved to Death Battle Fanon sometime in September of 2016 where he exploded into a large scale meme that died faster than a fly. Since then the page is still a work in progress and likely will never be finished. However, Quant actually finished him when people started pushing him, and it was finished right before it was deleted. Thanks to his popularity, Quant was allowed to make Jimmy as OP as he wants. So now Jimmy is now Universal +. Huzza


  • LeopoldTheBrave has stated that Jimmy Rex would never appear in Fictional OC Fights even though Jimmy Rex is the most requested character.
  • Jimmy has appeared in Golden-Sans's Roleplay (Quest for the Hidden Chat) as a character.
  • He won the Cool Dinos Spelling Bee 2017.
  • He was deleted as a joke on April First. His page is now back up
  • Jimmy Rex's page had over 2000 comments which made it one of the most commented on pages on DBF Wiki.
    • Every last one of these comments was a shitpost.
    • The first shitpost was by user RoaringRexe
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